Abstracts will be accepted until June 1, 2023!

ISWAMP2023 has adapted the instructions and templates from ICPEAC 2023. Thus, below we are quoting the slightly edited instructions from the corresponding ICPEAC website.

The length of each abstract is strictly limited to one page. Abstracts should be informative, carefully prepared, with new insights stressed. 

The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by members of the international advisory committee and the local organizing committee. Out of the submitted abstracts several will be selected for a 15 min oral presentation as a contributed talk.

Abstract Preparation

Please prepare your abstract using these Word or LaTeX templates (a compressed archive including both templates and examples can be found here). The templates provide detailed instructions for the preparation of your abstract. Please do not modify the page layout or paragraph styles. Your abstract may include one figure. Before submission, the abstract must be converted to pdf format. In the end your abstract should look like this sample abstract. The size of your pdf-file should not exceed 5 MB. Please name your abstract “Hoton_P.pdf” if the last name of the first author is “Hoton” and the first letter of their first name is “P”. In case you submit more than one abstract on behalf of the same first author, append a number so that your files have the names “Hoton_P_1.pdf”, “Hoton_P_2.pdf” etc.

NOTE that ISWAMP2023 uses US letter-size paper! If you plan to submit an abstract from ICPEAC2023, make sure to reformat the paper size to US letter.

Abstract Submission

Please send your abstract via email before June 1, 2023 to